How To Earn Money On Pinterest: The Easiest Money You’ll Ever Make On Social Media

the thing about making money on Pinterest… Pinterest knows how powerful the platform is, and they have been actively making changes to protect their user’s experience. There have been changes with affiliate marketing, running contests, etc.

How Pinterest is changing

The fact is that the influence of Pinterest was underestimated a long time ago, and companies weren’t paying attention to how to capitalize on it. Here is what Pinterest has done: Made the Pinterest site less cluttered. You used to have to navigate long way through a sea of other brands, to get to your own. Now, you can just focus on your own pins. You used to have to navigate long way through a sea of other brands, to get to your own. Now, you can just focus on your own pins. Paired with their customer support, Pinterest has upgraded their UI to make it super easy for its users to buy something. You can see every icon on the side, and easily click on the one you want. They have developed a “Custom Shopping” feature, and started offering coupons to help you create personalized products.

The best ways to make money on Pinterest

There is a ton of work involved to run a successful Pinterest business, but the good news is that Pinterest has provided many tools to help you monetize and get your pins in front of potential customers. There are a couple of easy ways to earn a lot of money from your Pinterest. Here are my favorite: Contests I ran some fun contests on my account in 2017, and the money I made was amazing! Most importantly, the most important tip I can give you is to run a contest during a major social event. Facebook’s is during the holidays, and Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year. This is the time that shoppers are looking for great deals, and no one can resist a little goodie on their doorstep. Let’s say you run a contest during a cooking contest on Thanksgiving.

Get Paid To Pin

Pinterest recently started “sponsored pins” and are allowing brands to advertise for a price that is set by the partner, like Coca Cola. These are becoming more prominent than ever before in the last month and are extremely effective at marketing your business. Spin-Offs If you don’t have your own product, look to help other businesses succeed on Pinterest. Pin Store allows you to shop for and sell pins so that you are earning money for every pin you sell on Pinterest.


Social media is a great way to make extra money, I mean it’s not something everyone can do, but this is a good start for anyone who is ready for the challenge. There is a lot of work to be done in order to make any sort of money on Pinterest, so don’t think you can just spend all day pinning. Keep reading!

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