10 SEO Tips to Boost Your Website’s Rankings

With more than 3.5 billion Google searches per day, to rank high enough for potential visitors to come across your content, you will need to play by Google’s rules. One of the best ways to ensure that you are making full use of your content is by improving your search engine optimization ( SEO) efforts.

Make your title SEO-friendly

It is not enough to make a good SEO title for your website. You need to make sure that this title supports your content, as well. Consider using your target keyword in your title. If you are using an industry or keyword you know will be relevant to the audience, you can add keywords in your title to drive visitors to the right area of your site. Focus on the anchor text of your keywords When people are searching for your keywords, they are very often looking for your name or your title. There is very little doubt that the most important keyword is the name you use for your site. The anchor text of your keyword is the text that is placed above your keyword.

Optimizing your URLs

The most important ranking factors include the URL structure and meta data tags. One simple optimization technique that can boost your site rankings is to use 301 redirects. This simply redirects the URL of the 404 page to the original page instead. Update your meta tags and tags with your main keywords Your website needs to contain pages for both the title and the meta descriptions. By applying an “extensible” meta tag to your website, you are providing users with a way to define their own meta descriptions. And by ensuring that your title tags include your target keywords, you will be ranking higher. Another thing you can do is to change your meta tags to present a non-generic content.

Leveraging keywords

One of the biggest challenges in SEO is the fact that many potential visitors don’t know what keywords your website will be optimized to appear in the search engine results page (SERP) for. Even if they have decided to visit your website through the search engine, there is still a chance they will not click on any links to your website. To increase your visibility, you can use Google AdWords to feature your website. The keyword advertising system has several types of ads that you can apply to your website. These include: Non-paid ads like social media posts and emails Rank keys Keyword optimization Top ranking Create content Creating content is a marketing tactic that everyone, not just SEO experts, should be using.

Write for humans

SEO is an incredibly difficult task, as people in search of information can be quite picky. It’s crucial to write content that your visitors can relate to, in a way that does not appear too obvious or too general. Include the keywords they are searching for Including the keywords users are searching for in your content is another way to create content that is SEO friendly. For example, if you are promoting a service to renovate your home, adding the keyword renovation might be a good idea. Develop relationships Good SEO is not only about making sure that the keywords you include in your content are used correctly, but that you are providing a service that your visitors will be interested in. Don’t use slangs SEO is quite subjective, and can be a good thing.

Optimize your images

Image optimization can drive up your search rankings. Use a host of social media networks and platforms to promote your images, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, and Pinterest. There are various things you can do to improve your images. For instance, you can do a couple of things like manually make corrections to the thumbnails (thumbnails). You can also apply image filters. Enable auto-tagging An image might be suitable for one post or photo, but not for another post. Without auto-tagging, your images will not be identified by the algorithm and the search engines won’t see it. You can enable auto-tagging by adjusting the Identify tool (Image > Toggle Image Identification) in the Image tab.

Add social media tags

Being active on social media is a great way to increase your visibility. However, it is also a way for potential clients to learn more about you. Make sure you are tagging your posts in the appropriate places. For example, do not name your photos with the businesses name if it will be on a restaurant review. Instead, tag them with #tacomauro #restaurantreview #orangecountyca #foodie #bestofocommunity. If you do not wish to do so, you can also use the word #foodie rather than #tacomauro in your tags to avoid the mix up. Create engaging content The more engaging your content, the more it is likely to be shared. When someone shares your content, they are more likely to share it again.

Optimize your code

At any given time, there are several million websites indexed by Google. And with the proliferation of services such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and LinkedIn, every single website has the potential to be indexed by Google. The best way to improve your SEO potential is to optimize your code using structured markup. Structured markup, also referred to as XML, helps your site rank higher on search results. Some of the advantages of using structured markup are: There is no need to import code in XML format from another website to your own site. As soon as you publish a new web page, all the code required for the site is ready to be used. Using XML code, search engines can index all the content of your site.

Use a sitemap

The sitemap is one of the most important SEO tools that you should start using today. Not only will it help Google recognize your content on its first visit to your website, but it will also help increase the number of page views that your website receives on its subsequent visits. All that’s left is to build and maintain a beautiful and simple sitemap for your website. Focus on mobile-friendly keywords Every time a user’s intent of visiting your website is related to mobile devices, then he/she will be served mobile-friendly content. The rules to follow for mobile-friendly keywords are simple, they should either be SEO or relevant keywords or both. Don’t over complicate the keyword discovery process.

Utilize Schema markup

According to Searchmetrics, one of the most important elements in increasing your site’s rankings is improving the content on your site. The right elements can make a big difference and not just in terms of your articles. Take Schema markup, for example, which is one of the things that Google looks at when ranking pages. By including a broad range of descriptions in your blog posts, you can add value to what you are writing. For example, you could use the creation of useful, actionable content as an example. More importantly, you can use the definitions and terms that Google has picked up on for a page or page tag to generate the most useful and authoritative meta description tags for the search engines.


Whether you’re just getting started or you’re a seasoned veteran of SEO, there are a ton of SEO tips out there that can help your website become more visible to search engines. These 10 ideas are by no means a comprehensive list, but they should give you some ideas for improving your efforts. If you enjoyed this post, you should check out my other content. More SEO Resources Here: Image Credits Featured Image: Image by CrystalWoodrose. Used with permission.


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